Helmet Information

Helmet Information

Our shell's are made of a 50/50 blend of Carbon Fiber and Kevlar 29 (ballistic quality) with woven and mat fiberglass.The resin is a high strength vinylester which combined with the material at an exact resin to fiber ratio make the helmet very strong

Our liner is made of a material called Ensolite. Ensolite is an energy absorbing foam originally developed by NASA to protect pressure vessels from damage. It has virtually 100% memory and is waterproof.

This foam is much more impact resistant compared to the common foam liners used in most helmets. If necessary, the removable cushioned sizing pads can be cut for a custom fit or removed altogether.

This combination of shell and liner along with our proprietary manufacturing process make these helmets one of the strongest, lightest, and safest novelty helmets on the market.

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Head Trip helmets are not D.O.T. approved

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